Board of Governors

Dr Zahid Iqbal

Chairman Board of Governors, MCM

Based in London, he has been active for many years at the grass roots in the spiritual and religious education of young Muslims. His main interest lies in tackling radicalisation of Muslims in the West and interfaith relations.

Tahseen Khalid

CEO / Principal

Tahseen Khalid has completed a Masters in Public Administrator with an emphasis on education sector leadership, he is currently undergoing PhD research in the field of higher educational leadership. He has also been involved at a senior director level management of an international education based NGO for over 8 year; therefore, placing him in a strong position to lead MCM.

Dr Azhar Javaid

Senior College Lecturer

Dr Javaid has been a college lecturer for 13 years and qualified with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He has been involved in various research projects which has resulted numerous publications in international academic journals. Some of his publications are listed below:

  1. A. Jabbar, T. Anwar, M. Amjad, M. A. Javaid, M. Iqbal, and S. A. Malik (1989) Isolation and insecticidal activity assessment of azadirachtin, an active principal from neem. Proceedings of 1st national conference on chemistry, Peshawar, Abstract  pp 48.
  2. L. Noui, M. A. Javaid and P. J. Keay (1998) Development of a fibre-optic pH sensor for on-line measurements. Applied Optics and Optoelectronics 1998, Proceedings of the Applied Optics Divisional Conference of the Institute of Physics (16-19 March), Brighton, UK, 175-180.
  3. M. A. Javaid and P. J. Keay (2000) A generic technique for coating doped sol-gel films onto the inside of tubes for use as colorimetric

Dr Muhammad Rafiq Habib

President British Council of Islamic Guidance (BCIG)

Dr Habib has a PhD and a Masters in Islamic Studies & Arabic from the University of Aberdeen, he has also studied in depth Classical Islamic studies from the Minhaj University and Al-Azhar University (Egypt) and has completed teacher training courses in the UK.

Yasmin Hussain

Teacher and Examiner

With a BSc Honours degree in Applied and Human Biology as well as a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Secondary Science with a specialism in Biology, Yasmin Hussain is an experienced teacher of Science within an outstanding school. Key responsibilities include the designing of interactive and engaging schemes of work as well as the marking and moderation of course work in line with the exam board mark schemes and regulations.

Abdul Qadir

Teacher and Examiner)

Abdul Qadir has over 30 years of experience in both public and private sectors and in delivering and managing a wide variety of Educational and vocational training programmes. As a Trainer, Assessor and Internal Verifier, he delivered various vocational training programmes in Business, IT and Logistics. He has successfully managed a Learn Direct Centre and Qualified Teacher Status Skills Test Centre. In addition Abdul Qadir has worked as a regeneration officer and economic development officer in Sheffield and Rotherham.

Imran Ashfaq

Senior School Teacher and Head of Department

Imran Ashfaq is the Head of Department for Physical Education at a secondary school. His roles include developing curriculum resources for delivery. Amongst his many teaching qualifications is the NPQSL. He has also led whole school projects looking at both pastoral and curriculum based projects. He has developed curriculum pathways enabling students to have personalised learning pathways.

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