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Minhaj College Manchester (MCM) is a full-time independent Muslim college providing a high-quality, aspirational and inclusive education whilst promoting excellent behaviour, tolerance and respect for all faiths and backgrounds.

The Muslim ethos permeate daily life at the college but we also ensure inclusivity of all faiths and none so that everyone feels welcome with a sense of belonging, reflecting peace, tolerance and respect for all.

The curriculum at the college is broad and balanced, whilst will ensuring that students are prepared for their future life in work and at leisure.

The college has an innovative in it’s approach to learning and will be keen to embrace new ideas which have a sound basis in research. Utilising successful teaching methods and learning technology ensures that our pupils are provided with an enriching programme which caters to the society that they live in.



About the Founder

MCM is founded by Dr Muhammad Tahirul-Qadri and it is a continuation of his work over the last 30 years in developing and expanding a network of over 600 schools, colleges and a university in many countries around the world.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has a vision of not merely imparting Islamic knowledge, but to revitalise the classical Islamic teachings so that the needs of the contemporary era can be met with the intended spirit of the Islamic tradition. Putting this vision into practice, he has established the Minhaj University, Lahore, and over 600 schools and colleges. He believes strongly in ensuring that faith leaders have a balanced educational training to ensure the reduction of religious extremism and isolationism.